Ready for the third?

Hi everybody,
it’s been some time since the last swap, and now that we are all coming back from holiday I suggest we do a new swap. The first for 2009.

Deadline could be on October 31st, that’s a whole two months, and as usual we can sign up in the comments below. There are currently 5 of us listed.

Hope to hear from you all soon!



This one is from a series I’m working on, which turns around slowness, in any meaning and perspective you may think of.

You should get it in the first week of January…

Slowness, 2008 © Manuele J Sarfatti

Slowness, 2008 © Manuele J Sarfatti

…and Happy New Year!

street light



Here’s the one you’ll get from me in a couple of days. I’ll run off to the post office tomorrow morning.

Cracked Wall

Cracked Wall, Kristiansund july 2008 © Martin Doonan

Cracked Wall, Kristiansund July 2008 © Martin Doonan

OK, so I’m posting a day early.

Something a bit different a I’ve been doing a lot of black and white printing recently. This is from a series of photos that I think really nail what I’m trying to say and will open the way to a lot more along these lines.

second swap for 2008

Hi everyone.

Are you ready for a second swap this year??

In our first swap we managed to send a few prints around the world, last one in was two beautiful prints by Paul that arrived in my mailbox just a couple of days ago. For me the exchange was very positive. My print was clearly not optimal, but friendly advice helped me to improve it radically, so personally I came very well out of it.

So for the second one.

I suggest we sign up for this one by posting comments to this post. Deadline is December 1. So if it is a bad time for you, and you can’t participate for this one, just say so in a comment. I would also welcome our new member, Manuele. I’m looking forward to see one of your prints.

So, as soon as you can after the deadline, please send your prints to everyone that takes part in the swap. Remember, the print can be one you want feedback on, one you can’t quite get, or just one you’re proud of. One print is the requirement, but if you want to send more, that’s ok, but don’t overdo it.

Also, if anyone manage to recruit another member before the deadline, just speak up. Still room for one more.


…thought I’d drop by to say hi to all of you! I’m the new guy.

I find this an extremely valuable experience, for all of us. I’m approaching the printing side of photography right in these days, and I’m sure this exchanging will bring great things. On one side, on improving the final print result, and on the other side, on becoming the owner of the works of photographers from all over the world!

Obviously it is difficult to just send new prints back and forth based on feedback, but I have made a few corrections based on our little discussion. Compare it with the print and the other web version and tell what you think.