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This one is from a series I’m working on, which turns around slowness, in any meaning and perspective you may think of.

You should get it in the first week of January…

Slowness, 2008 © Manuele J Sarfatti

Slowness, 2008 © Manuele J Sarfatti

…and Happy New Year!


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…thought I’d drop by to say hi to all of you! I’m the new guy.

I find this an extremely valuable experience, for all of us. I’m approaching the printing side of photography right in these days, and I’m sure this exchanging will bring great things. On one side, on improving the final print result, and on the other side, on becoming the owner of the works of photographers from all over the world!

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To get things going, I would suggest we push for a second exchange by the end of this year, but before that I think we should try to raise the number to at least 5. We haven’t seen much of Paul (Hello Paul, can you hear us). Probably just a stack overflow, but if he’s out we have room for 3 more, else it is 2.

So, I’m open for suggestions…


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So, no more waiting. The first exchange starts around now. I will encourage all participants to leave their mailing address as soon as possible (send me an email if you don’t know where), and to prepare their prints for shipment before September 15.

So far I’ve spoken with Doug Stockdale, Roberth Hoehne and Martin Doonan. Paul Butzi was interested but haven’t checked in yet. We’ll see.


Seems like Doug had to stand back due to a busy schedule, which is perfectly understandable. Paul just emailed me to tell he is in. That makes us 4, and still room for 2 more.

Nice if we manage to recruit 2 more for this exchange, but still not essential. If you know someone who could be interested, please show them the site.  I will not keep a monopoly on inviting people.

In case there are more than two interested, the first come first served principle is valid. And “First come”, is measured by the arrival of an email in my mailbox telling they are interested  (web-contact (that-curly-a) lentic (dot) net)

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About the header image

Right now the header image is the default for the template. If anyone has a more appropriate, please speak up.


I removed the current banner image, but I still think there should be something up there.

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The first post

I have just set up this blog, and have yet to go through the invitation process. At the moment there are 4 interested photographers in addition to myself, which leaves room for one more. Or more than one if not all of the four wants to join after all.

Please take a look at the about and rules pages to read more about this group.

I hope to get the first exchange going very soon.

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